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How to ensure that the home office furniture packaging and transportation are safe and undamaged---H&F (TIANJIN) TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD

No matter what type of furniture such as the computer desk, bookshelf, Closet Shelving or end/side table? They are all inseparable from packaging. Packaging needs to consider aspects such as aesthetics, transportation, convenience, and storage. Regardless of whether the furniture is from a factory or a shopping mall, as long as you are involved in sales and transportation, you must consider the packaging of the product. Packaging is to protect the product during the circulation process, to facilitate storage and transportation, and to facilitate sales. According to certain methods, the overall name of containers, materials, and auxiliary materials is adopted. The main function of furniture packaging is to provide adequate protection for furniture products. From production to use of furniture products is a process of transformation of time and space. This process includes several steps such as furniture storage, transportation, sales, and assembly. This is the most important part of delivery to the seller. The quality of the packaging is directly related to the value of the furniture and the reputation of the brand.



Packing materials: pearl cotton, sealing glue, foot nails, corner protectors, sponges, bubble bags, corrugated boxes, sewing bags, wooden frames, etc.

In the packaging of plywood office furniture, computer table, coffee tables, Closet Shelving, dining/side tables and chairs, desks and chairs, bedroom series and other furniture are packaged in a box. The materials used are pearl cotton, foam, carton, wooden frame, etc. from the inside to the outside. Take the coffee table furniture as an example.


The first step is to know that the last process of the packaging process is painting. Therefore, before packaging, the staff needs to check whether the model, specification, and process are consistent with the work dispatch order;

In the second step, the staff need to inspect the product, and the product's surface smoothness, mortise and tenon condition, whether the door frame is tight, etc., that is, the inspection of the upper process to ensure that the product has quality problems.

The third step is cleaning. The staff wipes the furniture with soft things such as cotton yarn and rags to ensure that the furniture is clean and dust-free.

The fourth step is to wrap the coffee table furniture with pearl cotton. This pearl cotton is used to pack the tea table and rubbing against the outside world due to impact. Note that the inner pearl cotton must be consistent with the circumference of the product, and the pearl cotton must be clean and free of debris, and the pearl cotton must be close to the product, and the pearl cotton must be sealed tightly with sealing glue to ensure that the surface of the furniture is not exposed.

The fourth step is to hit the nails. The foot nails are made of plastic to prevent friction between the furniture and the ground when it is moving, which will affect the stability of the furniture. You can use a wooden hammer to hit the nails to operate.

The fifth step is to add corners and edges to the four corners of the furniture. H&F (TIANJIN) TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD has developed a unique plastic protective inner corner with an extra layer of protection.

The sixth step is to pack the furniture. Check whether the product model, number and craftsmanship marked on the box are consistent. In particular, check the installation step marks in accordance with the installation instructions, so as to avoid customers receiving the goods from being unable to install them accurately.

The seventh step, immediately after the previous step, is to pack the furniture. When decorating, everyone should pay attention to it, not upside-down, the sealing glue should be flat, and the spacing should be consistent.