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लकड़ी-इस्पात फर्नीचर क्या है? प्रथम भाग परिचय

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What is the wood+steel furniture mean? Why choose this material to manufacture office furture/computer table/office desk/morden book shelf/Closet Shelf/Garment Racks/plant shelf/end table/ side table/ coffee table?


Speaking of steel and wood furniture, you may not know much about it, but you know that it is stronger and harder than other furniture. But when it comes to its material and principle, it may not be clear to everyone. हमारे पास है 20 years of production experience, you will know more with H&F (TIANJIN) TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.

The main structure uses wood (including wood-based panels) as the board surface substrate and steel as the skeleton substrate. It is a new furniture product made in my country since the 1950s. Steel-wood furniture-originally refers to furniture made of "steel and wood", but the concept has been "expanded" by merchants. "Steel-wood furniture" is no longer simply using "steel and wood". "Steel wood" is a kind of "non-combustible" synthetic material. The tables and chairs made are widely used in public places such as waiting halls, restaurants, cinemas, or made into boats.



Simplicity is the intuitive feeling that steel-wood furniture gives people, and it is also the most popular furniture design style nowadays. Because decoration is an important selection criterion for purchasing furniture, young consumers who advocate the concept of modern life have a soft spot for steel and wood furniture with unique styles.